D.J. Slatts Music and Light Show
D.J. Slatts Music and Light Show

To ensure that you have a good time with us, Please read our rider requirements

Indoor Venues

Stage Requirements: The Stage or Staging Area shall be no less than 24 feet by 15 feet. If a stage is provided it shall be sturdy and in good condition.


Power Requirements: There shall be two double (110 volt) outlets on separate circuits on or near the Staging Area that are in good working order and are grounded. The contractor shall be held responsible for any loss of equipment resulting from low or high power.



Lighting: All lighting in and around the Stage Area will be dark one half an hour before and during the show.


Additional Requirements: Slatts Stage Crew shall require four to six hours for setup before the room is available to the public due to all the lights that we have and includes Sound Checks. The contractor shall provide a bathroom and dressing room close to the stage.

Outdoor Venues

All Stage, Lighting, and Additional Requirements are the same as the above.

If the heat index is high, We may require additional time beyond six hours.


Inclimate Weather (outside venues): The contractor shall have an indoor site to go to in case of bad weather. If bad weather should develop during the show, The contractor shall have a person monitoring the weather prior to and during the show that can let us know 30 minutes before it gets here.

Once we start the setup process we cannot move to an indoor site.

Any decision to cancel a show will be decided by D.J. Slatts.


Cancelations: If I have to cancel due to sickness or death in the immediate family I will due so at least 24 hours before the show start time. If an act of god, I will cancel as soon as possible.




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