D.J. Slatts Music and Light Show
D.J. Slatts Music and Light Show

What Others Say:


Congrads on turning 70 years old and still having fun with the music and lights



t's too bad that because of Covid you had to cancel a lot of bookings. Next year should look better for you.



IYou play a lot of great good.



Your shows are great and the following is a pretty good bunch of people. Keep on fire.


You are turning 69 this year and still having fun with music and lights. Very few of the Disc Jockeys can say that.



Thanks for the music and the show you put on for us. Dinner Music was great. A lot of songs I haven't heard in years and the Light Show was fantastic along with the music later on. I hope you come back.



Dinner and a Show, Big hit with us.

Betty and Agnus.


Thanks for doing this Benefit Show for me.



Thanks for doing my Birthday Party. Everyone including me had a great time. The music was the greatest. I heard a lot of my guests comment on how good the music was and also thanks for giving me an encore of the song Red Solo Cup.

Dave (Dude)


Your big show was everything I thought it would be. You said you had a lot of lights. The sound was good too with the twin subs going.



I've seen many bands and a few D, J.s, But I've never seen so many lights before as what you have. You have a great variety of them. The music is good too.



Had fun at your Birthday/Light Show 40th Ann. Keep the music rolling

Megan and Mike


Hey Mister D.J. play that song for me. Great music and lights



Thanks for providing the lighting for our get together the other night. We need to have you come back and D.J. the next time with your lights.

Thanks again. Pete and the gang.


I can't believe how good you are. You do a lot more than other D.J.s do. You also have a lot of lights. More than most do and the music is fantastic. Anybody that hasn't seen you yet doesn't know what they are missing.

Your Aunt

Thanks for the Halloween Show


Thanks for coming back to the Rec. Room. It's been too long and I am looking forward to all the shows that you do here and providing you services for those who can't afford to see your shows otherwise.

Janis and Shirley


Hey Joe. Good job on hiring him for your party in January. Last Monday's birthday was a blast.



Everybody had fun last night. Loved the lights and music. Jim said he liked the 2 line dances.

I will have to have you DJ one of my parties.

Thanks, Craig


Cameras clicking by me last night. What a light show and what a Dee Jay. I will be back next year to see you.

Deb W.


1st time up on the slab and first time to see slatts.

I'll be coming back next time-Gary & Carey


Hey, Mr. D.J.Great job in the Beer Garden Saturday. That's what you call Hot Fun. It was hot but we had fun.

jay and friends


What a Light Show and you wowed us with your D.J.inng. Hope to come up to Beemer to see you again.

Hope, Kathy, and the gang


Hi Bruce-You really like your job and you did a great job at Beemer. You have an amazing collection of lights. It must have taken a while to get all of them.



II was at your light show at my town Beemer with my friends. you were great and did a good job. you have a lot of lights.



Your show at Beemer was real cool. I could tell by the way you were having fun up there on the stage that you love what you do.



Your show on Main Street was exactly what we wanted. It went really well.

Trisha Robertson-Beemer Play Daze Committee


Awesome show at the L.A. Beer Garden.



We loved the way you had the Led Lights on the floor in front of the stage going on during the dance Saturday. They really added to the fantastic Light Show.

Betty, Agnus, and Cory


Beerfest was awesome. The way you had to use your Chrismas Mic and how it kept changing your voice to Elf Voice.

Yeah, it was good.

Betty & James


You did a good job at our wedding

Tim & Michelle


Saturday's wedding was good. The dance was great. Good music and fun times



What a show and talk about music. It was excellent. You added some lights since the last time we saw you. Great job last night.

Paul, Katy, and friends


You were everything we hoped for in a D.J.

Everet and Marge


We really enjoyed your show last Thursday. Mandy wanted to know why I hired you for our upcoming wedding and I said that I heard you were really good. The proof was on Thursday.

Thanks for a great time.

Brian and Mandy


Great Green Beer and music last night.



From the David City Gang: You are one of a few that stand and deliver Deejaying, music, and lights. Great job last night.


We loved it when you did the Sponge Bob Theme for your first break. I remember watching Sponge Bob every morning and now as a parent, I watch it with my kids.

Thanks for the memories.

Mary and Bob


Great time had by all of us here at Three Beers Inn.

The gang from Iowa


Dad, You did a great job like I knew you would. Sound, Music, and Lights were superb.



You were on your game last night at James and Trisha's Wedding Dance. Everything was great.

Coming from those out in the crowd and the Dance Floor


A shout out from the group at the dance last night. Great job. See ya next year


Hey, Thanks for the directions out to Three Beers In. Had fun last night

Heather, Michelle, Dorris, and Mickey


Welcome back to the Rec. Room. It is so nice to have you back here.

The gang


My kids had fun at the dance. So glad that you gave me the poster.



I had a good time last night. You played what I wanted to hear. I'll be back for the next one.



Good time last night. It's true what I heard about you. You are good and have a great light show.



I took my grandson to see you at the Rec. Room last Friday and that's all he talked about for the next two days. He had a lot of fun. He loved the lights and danced a few times. Deb


I finally made it back to your show after having missed the last three. I had a great time just like always. I try not to miss any of your shows if I can help it. Some times work gets in the way.



Hi D.J. I liked your St. Patrick's Show and the way our shows are kid-friendly when kids are there. You played all our requests and you have a great Light Show.

Rick and the kids.


We really enjoyed your show at the Rec. Room and we will see you next month on the 15th at Tin Lizzys.

John and Susan


We were really disappointed in the way you were treated at Tin Lizzy's. It's too bad that you couldn't do your show there. Hopefully, they won't double book.

We will see you on Aug. 5th though. Looking forward to it.


You did a great job at our 1st Beach Party. I had a number of guests come up and asked me where I found you at? You will be back next year and thanks.










Mel (Former owner of the Sportsman's Bar) in Venice, Nebr

He was great. I told him he was good and was coming back. He was a staple until the day I sold the bar.


I like Dee Jay and the music he plays. The music is great and I don't ever miss a chance to see him when he is in Fremont.

Larry from Fremont


Star Olson (Chairperson for Beaver Valley Days) St. Edward, Nebr. He did a real good job and did a lot of requests from the people that were there on such a hot humid night. We will have him back down the road.


I come down to see him and leave happy. I love the music and the different styles that he plays.

Max from Fremont


December of this last week we had a ball dancing to the music you were playing. You are a great D.J.and we look forward to seeing you again

Mr. and Mrs. Brent Housner


To D.J. Slatts

You did a wonderful job at our wedding. Everyone commented on the music selection and sound. You played all the requests. Thanks again,

Mr. & Mrs. Roy Keller


We had the luck of the Irish last night with you as our Dee Jay. Great job.

Mr. and Mrs. Brain Dullsworthington



Our Block Dance was real good. Good crowd, good music, great D.J.

Block Party Committee


D.J. Slatts

You filled the Dance Floor. Had them rocking and rolling. Looking forward to Aug. 3rd


Our Beach Party was great. Thanks for doing it.

Mike, Bob and Dale, and the women


I think I speak for everyone here when they saw you grab that chair on wheels and slow danced with it in the crowd.  You had them all laughing.



Well, I am glad that we chose you for our Wedding, Dee Jay. Not only did you nail it, But you went beyond by including the little ones there with battery handheld Sponge Bob Lights.  While they were out there running around and dancing, You played the Sponge Bob Theme. Even had the grownups singing to the theme.

Everyone there said that they hadn't had a Dee Jay that would come out and dance with lights and do what you do.

Korten and James




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