D.J. Slatts Music and Light Show
D.J. Slatts Music and Light Show

Photo Gallery


Pictures from the 23rd and 24rth of December

Pictures from Dinner and a Show at the Stanton Tower.

D.J. Slatts and Mark. Not pictured is Colton.

Pics from one of the shows done in October including Kid's Night

The above pictures are of Setup, Sound and Light Check at the Beer Garden at One Horse

From top to bottom:Slatts Stage Crew eating after setup, Getting ready to go, and some dancing.

 pictures coming to you from the Beach Party at Lake Shore-North Bend. 

From last night top to bottom-Your Stage
Crew for the night:D.J. Slatts,Mark,and Tim plus five more pictures.

Just a few pictures from last night's Easter Dance

All was fun at St. Patty's Day in the Rec. Room. We were racking, stacking, and playing requests all night long. Had a few people dancing also.

A good time was had by all.Brian had fun with his request that night. He was walking,running,and jumping as he was singing.The people there kept the two of us real busy with a ton of requests as well as people stepping up to the mic to sing.

Pictures from the Valentine Dance. Had a better crowd there for this one.

Everyone had a great time: Some were dancing and others were visiting.

Pictures from the Rec. Room in Fremont


Pictures of Christmas Concert

pictures from Beerfest

Halloween-Doctor D.J. Slatts and Costume Judging-Mr. Bones was the clear winner

Pictures from the Rox Club in Fremont

Pictures from last nights dance at Tha Door

All of the above pictures are from my son James and Trisha's wedding

Pictures from The Sounds of Summer Dance at the Five Floors

Brian and Tim singing with the Sing Along Mic
Larry and Brandon dancing to the Y.M.C.A. Both pictures are from the St. Patty's Day Dance.


2015 Promo Picture

Having fun with Sponge Bob & Christmas Mic

The top two pictures were taken at Beerfest 2015 at the Five Floors. Only had three or four show up due to other things going on that night.

Runing the Aggressor at the L.A. Fireproof Door with Mike at the Mixerboard.
The above four pictures are from the L.A. Fire Door-Fremont
Having fun at Play Daze
Some late night dancing. Pictures from Beemer-Play Daze
Pictures from Brandon's Birthday (Dinner and a Show} Party
people relaxing waiting for the show with more coming in.
Dancing to her favorite song
Running the Zipper
Paul with the Water Gun waiting for the ok to hose someone
It was a very hot night the 11th,But a few brave souls came out to Whis's to party anyway

Larry doing the Hokey Pokey and he also requested Simon Says

Larry's Birthday Party

Herbs 63rd Birthday-Line Dancing was a part of the night and also set a new record for people up there that night.


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