D.J. Slatts Music and Light Show D.J. Slatts Music and Light Show

You can book any date that is not listed below. Bookings can change though so if it appears that we are booked on the date that you want, Call us because sometimes dates can change.

Most dances are open to all ages.


Check out my Service's Page to see all of the kinds of shows that we do.

                                                                                                                                           D.J. Slatts





20 / Sat.       Football Show                                          Five Floors            Fremont,Nebr.               2-6 pm


11 / Sat.                                                                      Mikes                   Fremont,Nebr.                 7-12   

30 / Thurs.                  Halloween Show                    Five Floors          Fremont,Nebr.                 6:30-10



8 / Sat.                         Barn Dance                                Private                   Valley,Nebr,                        8-12

22 / Sat.                       Mikes                                                                        Fremont,Nebr.                    8-1

29 / Sat.                      Five Floors                                                                Fremont,Nebr.                    8-1


11 / Sat. Phone a Friend Dance (handpicked person phones a friend) Private     Fremont,Nebr.   8-11

25 / Sat.                                             Wedding                                                      Tekamah,Nebr.   8-12

31 / Fri.  New Years Eve                   Five Floors                                                  Fremont,Nebr.    6:30-10       



21 / Fri.              Dog Daze of Summer Dance             Five Floors                   Fremont,Nebr.       6:30-10